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These part of the library contains a collection of articles produced by the Harvard/Case Ukraine Project team, Ukrainian and foreign economists associated with the Harvard/Case Ukraine Project (Harvard Institute for International Development, CASE-Warsaw). The activities of the Project have been funded by the USAID. (1996-2000)

Project “National Bank of Ukraine’s Role and Activities in the Context of Transition-Related Problems” granted by Canadian International Development Agency, Program Policy Advice for Reform in Ukraine managed by the Canadian Bureau for International Education launched in August 2001 and accomplished in September 2002. (2001-2002)

- Ukrainian Economic Outlook ( 2000, 2001, 2002 )
“Ukrainian Economic Outlook: Trends, Analyses and Forecasts” has been started from the first quarter of 2000 and is prepared on a quarterly basis in Russian language was undertaken by CASE-Ukraine in December 2001 after the closes of Harvard/CASE project.
In this publication we are presenting including the overview of current macroeconomic tendencies taking place in the economy of Ukraine, but also are preparing quarterly forecast GDP, value added, exchange rate, inflation, monetary aggregates, growth and other indicators.

- Memoranda ( 1999, 2000, 2001)
Memoranda on Macroeconomic Forecast has been started on March 1999 and is prepared on monthly basis in Ukrainian language. CASE-Ukraine continues publishing the Memoranda in December 2001 after the closes of Harvard/CASE project in Ukraine. The main direction of publication is examining and forecasting of basic macroeconomic indicators for the economy of Ukraine (GDP, inflation, budget revenues, etc.).

- Analytical Papers ( 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 )
Analytical papers are a product of the joint work of CASE-Ukraine/CASE-Warsaw economic team, Ukrainian and foreign economists associated with the CASE-Ukraine. In this section the diverse concepts and ideas concerning Ukraine’s transition are presented. These researches are focused on specific reform measures, their sequencing and expected direct/indirect and short-term/long-term impact on the economy.

- Books/Monographs ( 2000, 2001)
Books/Monographs covered various aspects of the decade of Eastern European transition, with a special focus on Ukraine. These books contains a collection of articles produced by the Harvard/Case Ukraine Project team. The activities of the Project have been funded by the USAID.

The main themes of the books/monographs are:
· · Monetization of the economy (monetary policies, financial institutions, and development indicators)
· · The analysis and evaluation of current experience with transition in Ukraine and other counties of the region
· ·· Virtual economy
· · Financial and tax reforms
· · Budget deficit and arrears
· · Local self-governance and financial decentralization and etc.

Project Description

Harvard University Ukraine Project
“The Harvard Ukraine Project” (1996-2000) was granted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The main objectives of the Project are:
· To improve the knowledge of post –soviet transition and Ukraine’s reforms by serving as an autonomous source for impartial economic monitoring and research more>>>

Project Materials

- Distributed Materials (HIID Mail Bundles)
Mail Bundles 2000; 1999, 1998
We regularly distribute our works through the net of our mail subscribers, who are researchers, politicians, educators, and practitioners. Electronic copies of these documents often appear on our web pages before they reach our recipients by the regular mail. The materials are in English and Ukrainian, and we hope they will be found interesting by large audience of readers.
- Economic Monitor (Reports&Trends)
Reports'2000, 1999, 1998
Trends '2000, 1999, 1998
Weekly economic Reports cover recent week analysis and Trends present next week forecasts on issues of currency market, stock market and government security market in Ukraine. In archive you will find the issues related to previous time periods. The text is in English and is replenished each week.
-- Ukrainian Commertial Banks Monitor
Bank Monitor'2000
Ukrainian Commercial Banks Monitor is a two-page summary of the current situation in the banking industry now. The report is issued monthly and contains essential information on the financial statements of a sample of commercial banking systems of Central and Eastern Europe to allow for cross-country comparisons as well as displays a monthly update on major interest rates in
Ukraine. Each issue is furnished with graphs/tables accompanied by short explanatory paragraphs and depicting important phenomena in the industry.
- Biweekly Economic Policy Seminars
Biweekly Economic Policy Seminars ( 1999, 2000 )
This page provides you with seminar materials
- Quarterly Indicators (1999, 1998, 1997,1996)
This page provides you with quarterly indicators of Ukrainian economic activity. They include figures for GDP dynamics, foreign trade, balance of payments, budget, prices, wages, public debt, interest rate, exchange rate, inter-enterprise arrears, monetary indicators, foreign exchange reserves, and more. Information is also available in downloadable Excel 97 files that makes it expedite for processing.

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